The RECREATE Action Tank 2022
Starting January 2022
Turn your dream into a reality!
  • First step is to click WAITLIST ME

  • Second step is to find a good time to talk to co-creators, Kim & Melissa

  • Third step is a call or an in-person meeting to determine if it's a good fit! If yes, Hooray! The abundance begins and you'll be sent a link to secure your spot. 

  • Fourth step is to start pursuing your dreams - making money while making a difference!

What you get...

You will create a plan, build a strategy, and be ready to launch within 9 months! 👏 

You will have access to capital, funding sources and potential partners! 👏

You will have access to a powerful network of amazing women! 👏 
You will live with more passion and purpose! 👏 

You will have more joy and abundance! 👏 

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