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5 Critical Steps for Launching Your Business with Confidence

This event is made for Women over 40 with a big idea! 
(Join us live for a special bonus invitation)
In 2022, we hope you leave no stone unturned, no idea untried. This talk will teach you the 5 critical steps for getting over your excuses and launching with confidence. Hear from Melissa and Kim who have helped launch more than 10 successful businesses and will be speaking directly to their peers: Women over 40 who are ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

From clarifying your mission to getting the right technology to support your idea, we’ll walk you through the major hurdles ahead of time to pave the path to your success. This course will help you...

  • Know Your Why: Embrace the underlying mission that drives you.

  • Identify Your Ideal Customer: Decide exactly who you’re going to help.

  • Build Your Offer: Craft what you’re selling into the perfect package.

  • Create Your Sales Plan: Establish how you’ll turn a profit.

  • Launch Your Marketing Strategy: Execute on sharing your idea with the world.

Special Bonus for Attendees

All attendees who join us live on zoom will be invited to our pitch event in January where you’ll get to see our current Action Tank members pitch for resources and funding for their big idea. Our own version of shark tank!

Create a better life. create a better world.

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