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Starting a business is hard work.  You juggle so many things and your head never seems to stop spinning. You have big goals and dreams and you are on the path to making a difference and leaving a legacy.


All your experience is paying dividends but let’s face it, building a new business is a windy road. There is so much to do and everything is priority! If only there were some resources to keep you focused and on track...


We heard you. And now we have a library of resources to use at any stage of your business.

Learn More about our Resources for women entrepreneurs...
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I want to do something but what?

Maybe you’re an empty nester ready to leave your mark, maybe you’re a corporate dynamo ready to build your own dream, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who simply wants to grow or build and scale something new. 

Here are a few options to get you thinking...


Start by taking our Passion Test. This fun activity can get you moving in the right direction.


Or download our 5 Easy Steps to get you on your purpose driven path.


And if you're procrastinating, stop it! Grab our Stop Procrastination Forever workbook ASAP!

IDEA Stage

If you have an idea and are excited about it but aren’t sure where to start, the I C.A.N. Activity series is what you need. It will give you Clarity, Action items and Next steps.


You have three easy choices to decide and refine your idea using in the I C.A.N. Activity:

  • Download the I C.A.N. Activity and work through it on your own...

  • Download the I C.A.N. Activity and watch the video that walks you through the exercise...

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Congrats you’re ready to build your business! To make it easier to execute on everything you need to do, download our Build Your Business Blueprint (BYBB) checklist. If you find yourself needing more direction and information about what to do and how, we designed a video course to walk you through common pitfalls and ways to overcome them. We dive deep into the BYBB checklist and walk you through what actions you want to take. 

And we know being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Sometimes you second guess yourself and it feels like you take one step forward and two steps back. We've been where you are and once we figured out the Blueprint, we haven't only built several six and seven figure companies we have also coached 100’s of women to build, launch and grow their businesses. If you need more accountability, direction and a strategic plan we can show you how to accelerate your business growth in an 8-week BYBB Coaching Course.

Here are your three options to build your business:

  • Download the Build Your Business Blueprint (BYBB) checklist and do it yourself...

  • Download the BYBB checklist and watch the videos to learn how to build your business...

Building Stage
if you're ready to level-up and accelerate to launch...
The Action Tank is where the magic happens
Your one-stop shop for mindset, tools and connections to accelerate and grow!

The RECREATE Action Tank includes:

  • Three live workshops taught by top experts 

  • Monthly facilitated "Creation Pods" (Accountability Groups)

  • Individual professional coaching  

  • The chance to pitch your project in front of mentors and investors

  • The opportunity to win startup capital

  • Specially curated fun experiences and adventures.

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