Melissa Lamson


Kimberly Mylls


The Co-Creators of RECREATE

Create a better life. Create a better world.

"If your goals include more work-life balance, finding your purpose, or taking your career to the next level, Kimberly Mylls and Melissa Lamson are the experts who can teach you how to have it all. They know how to craft a vision and bring it to life. Both of them have done it themselves, and they are now on a mission to help you do the same."

- Jack Canfield, Founder & CEO of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

We believe 50 Isn't an F-word! and we've helped hundreds of women start and build successful businesses. We've coached thousands of women to pivot and advance their careers up the corporate ladder. We've worked with the best companies in the world. We've spoken on stages, published books, launched podcasts, started non-profits, and sat on the boards of some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. And now, we're joining forces to make an even bigger impact on women's lives. 

Melissa Lamson is an executive coach, author of six books, and speaker who has worked on projects in over 40 countries. She has built and run companies both in Europe and the US. For over 20 years she has developed leadership strategy, designed and taught leadership programs for companies like 3M, IKEA, Linkedin, MTV and Space X. Melissa's signature program for women leaders was the most highly attended program at SAP for 10 years. Melissa has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and Forbes. She is a former columnist for Inc. Magazine. She sits on the board of Girls in Tech and the ASU Art Museum.


Kimberly Mylls spent over 20 years in marketing and advertising as a publisher and Regional Sales Director. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Kimberly left the corporate world, co-authored her own book, and at the same time, rose to the top of a network marketing company. She is a certified leadership coach, trainer and speaker and has coached hundreds of women to start their own businesses. She's a master at creating high-quality events, building online brands, and starting companies. Additionally, Kimberly is co-founder of a non-profit for kids, and co-hosts the popular podcast, Kiss Corporate Goodbye. She is a mentor for the national organization Seed Spot and contributing writer to several books.