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The RecreatE Action Tank
Mastermind, Incubator, Accelerator All-in-One

Turn your dreams into a reality

A 6-month step-by-step program to vision, plan, fund and launch your business idea!

The Action Tank is where the magic happens
Your one-stop shop for mindset, tools and connections to accelerate and grow!
  • Have a business you want to grow or launch

  • Are ready to build your own dream, instead of somebody else's

  • Want to do something different and need a defined roadmap

  • Are over-qualified for your corporate job and ready for a new challenge

  • Want to collaborate with a powerful, like-minded community

  • Seek new experiences, adventure, more fun and authenticity

  • Desire financial independence and abundance

  • Want to make an impact and leave a legacy

We'VE got your back because we’ve been there, We've turned our dreams into a reality, And we've Coached others to do the same.  
IF You...
Our Story: Kim & Melissa have...
  • Built 7-figure businesses both here and abroad
  • Coached thousands of women to pivot and advance their careers 
  • Worked with the best companies in the world
  • Spoken on stages
  • Published books
  • Launched podcasts
  • Started non-profits
  • Sit on boards 
And Now we're sharing Our Experience and Network with you To achieve your dreams!
The Action Tank BREAKDOWN...

VISION & PLAN - Live Event #1

  • Get Laser Focused

  • Refine Your "Why"

  • Perform Customer Validation

  • Develop a Time-Line 

  • Create a Financial Plan

  • Decide on Key Resources

  • Build Your Business Model Canvas


SELL & FUND - Live Event #2

  • Build Your Sales Strategy

  • Develop a Sales Funnel

  • Practice Full-Proof Closing Techniques

  • Learn How to Fund Your Business

  • Develop Your Pitch Deck

  • Know What Investors Want


MARKET & LAUNCH - Live Event #3

  • Create Your Marketing Strategy

  • Build Your Digital Marketing Capabilities

  • Use Technology to Simplify & Scale

  • Learn Key Go-to-Market Tactics

  • Refine Your Pitch

  • Pitch Event!



Professional Coaching

Accountability Groups (Creation Pods)

Additional Business Accelerator Courses

Recommended Vendor List

A Community of Like-Minded People

Pitch Competition in front of our RECREATE Judges

If you're looking for a new level of success
the Action Tank is for you...
  • Learn to focus, tap into your full potential and discover your purpose

  • Create a plan, build a strategy and get what you need to turn your dreams into reality

  • Collaborate with a powerful network of women who are doers and givers

  • Generate more revenue, capture market share, build equity

  • Eliminate trial-and-error, save time and money

  • Have everything and everyone you need at your fingertips

  • Access capital, leverage funding sources and meet potential partners

  • Be a part of a like-minded community committed to growth

  • Have more fun, joy and abundance

Most masterminds, coaching programs or CEO roundtables will cost you $15,000-$25,000, we want you to have a mastermind, professional coaching, a CEO network, PLUS a business accelerator where you take action and launch any business or nonprofit!

(And all of that for less than $15,000!)


  • 3 live workshops taught by top experts 

  • 3 live blowout curated, interactive events 

  • 6-months of professional coaching 

  • Monthly facilitated mastermind groups 

  • The chance to pitch your project and access capital 

  • Money-back guarantee

and when sign up before 10/1/2021 you get these bonuses,

  • Stop Procrastination Forever - A Success Workbook

  • Lifetime Membership to all RECREATE Action Tank blow-out parties

  • A special new member gift

The Recreation Action Tank
Mastermind, Incubator, Accelerator All-in-One

Turn your dreams into a reality

A 6-month step-by-step program to vision, plan, fund and launch your business idea!

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