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RECREATE Action Tank 2022 Program Details
Phoenix, AZ

Deadline to apply is February 15, 2022
April 8 - Live Workshop 4-8pm
How the Action Tank works
Community Building
Accountability Groups Set-Up
Understanding Your Why 

With RECREATE Founder, Melissa Lamson
April 9 - Live Workshop 9-5pm
Clarifying Your Vision, Mission & VP
Build Your Business or Nonprofit Plan
Identifying Your Ideal Customer

With Expert Courtney Klein
April 23 - Virtual Workshop 8-11am
Accountability Groups Check-in
IP Protection (Trademarks & Patents)
With Expert: Michelle Gross
May 14 - Virtual Workshop 8-10am
Tech Tools to Run Your Business or Nonprofit
Building Your Tech Stack
With Expert: Kimberly O'Bannon
June 11 - Live Workshop - 9-5pm
Create Your Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing / Web Presence
Lead Generation
With Expert: Brandy Lawson

There will be fun, unique events integrated into the live workshops to encourage relaxation, creativity and to spark innovative thinking!
July 9 - Virtual Workshop - 8-11am
Accountability Groups Check-in
Funding Options
How to Pitch to Investors
With Expert: Stephanie Sims

September 17 - Live Event - 9-5pm
Closing Out the Action Tank
Pitch Practice
Pitch Event & Celebration


August 20 - Live Workshop - 9-5pm
Building Your Sales Funnel
Working Through Your Sales Cycle
How to Close Sales
With Expert: Beatrice Stonebanks
*Dates subject to change.
You also get:
​On-Demand Individual Coaching x 3 Sessions
Exclusive Access to Resources 
Introductions to Valuable Connections
A Vetted List of Vendors & Suppliers

Create a better life. create a better world.

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