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RECREATE Action Tank 2022 Program Details
Bay Area, California

Deadline to apply is February 15, 2022
April 15 - Virtual Workshop
Action Tank Orientation
Creation Pod Set-Up
Understanding Your Why
Starting Your Business or Nonprofit
With RECREATE Founders
April 16 - Live Workshop
Vision, Mission, Value Proposition
Build Your Business or Nonprofit Plan
Identifying Your Ideal Customer
With Expert Courtney Klein
April 30 - Virtual Workshop
Creation Pod Check-in
IP Protection
With Expert: Michelle Gross
June 18 - Live Workshop*
Marketing Strategy
Web Presence 

Digital Marketing
With Expert: Brandy Lawson
July 16 - Virtual Workshop
Creation Pod Check-in
Funding Options
With Expert: Stephanie Sims
August 27 - Live Workshop
Sales Strategy & Methods
Create Your Sales Cycle
Build Your Sales Funnel

With Expert: Beatrice Stonebanks
*Dates subject to change.
There will be fun, unique events integrated into the live workshops to encourage relaxation, creativity and to spark innovative thinking!

Create a better life. create a better world.

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