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The RecreatE Action Tank

Exciting stuff! We've launched an ambassador program!

So, what is it? It's our referral program and here's how it works:

  • You connect us (messenger or email, to fabulous women 40+ who want to build and launch a business.

  • We interview them and see if they're a fit for the RECREATE Action Tank, an accelerator to build and launch businesses. 

  • You get a $1000 referral bonus if they join the Action Tank!

The Action Tank is where the magic happens
Your one-stop shop for mindset, tools and connections to accelerate and grow!
And to make it easy for you to refer women to us, here's what we suggest you cut and copy into an email:

***The RECREATE Action Tank is a business accelerator for women 40+ to build and launch businesses. They provide the laser-focus, tools and connections to turn your dream into a reality. Their core values start with "Let enjoyment lead” as they believe fun and joy lead to creativity, and creativity brings out a contagious electric energy. Infuse that energy into a community of like-minded women who are ready to make an impact, level up, and raise the bar - and the sky's the limit! 


In the RECREATE Action Tank, they are providing a fun, collaborative environment to focus, learn, build and launch a business. 


Here is a quick video about the RECREATE Action Tank with testimonials from some of the women going through the program now! Let me know if you're interested and I'll make an introduction to Melissa & Kim.***

The RECREATE Action will give you...
  • Focus to tap into your full potential and discover your purpose.
  • A business roadmap to ensure you get into action.
  • Access to a powerful community of women who are movers and shakers.
  • A strategy to generate more revenue and capture market share.
  • Tools and connections to build a step-by-step plan.
  • Access to capital, funding sources, investors and potential partners.
  • A like-minded community committed to creating a better world.
  • More fun, joy and abundance!
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