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The RECREATE Coaching Program is a business and nonprofit building program for women 40+ who want to take charge of their life, do more meaningful work, realize a dream, and create or grow a lucrative, viable venture.

Not ready for it all...

We got you!

Click on the image or the button below for the build-it-yourself course.

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I don't know where to start.
I don't have time.
I'm too old.

You're out of excuses.

Join us and build
your dream!


Did you know?

Viola Davis landed her first movie at 43.

Julia Child started her tv show at 51.

Vera Wang started designing at 40.

Martha Stewart started her magazine at 50.

I love Lucy first aired when Lucy was 40.

It's never too late to RECREATE!

85% of women self identify as ambitious or highly ambitious

Women over 45 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases

48% of women report being bored at work
3 million women left the workforce last year

Dream. Do.

Lead by investors, disruptors a woman on a mission

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Melissa Lamson
An executive coach, author of six books, and speaker who has worked on projects in over 40 countries. Melissa Lamson has built and run companies both in Europe and the US. For over 20 years she has developed leadership strategy, designed and taught leadership programs for companies like 3M, IKEA, Linkedin, MTV and Space X. Melissa's signature program for women leaders was the most highly attended program at several corporations for over 10 years. She loves producing events, mastering technology and building community. Melissa has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and Forbes. She is a former columnist for Inc. Magazine. Her board appointments have included, ADL, Girls in Tech and the ASU Art Museum. Melissa currently serves as an advisor for the Women in Leadership Executive Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara PaCE.
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The BIY is our most popular do-it-yourself resource for building a business or nonprofit!

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Create a better life. create a better world.

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