Create a better life. Create a better world.



About Recreate

Create a better life. Create a better world.

We are a business accelerator for women 40+ to build and launch businesses. RECREATE provides focus, tools, connections and community to turn your dreams into a reality.

The RECREATE Action Tank Kick-Off
[ rek-ree-eyt ]=[ Ree-KREE-EYT]

REK-REE-ATION (fun, adventure activity, energy) equals REE-CREE-ATION    (reinvention, re-imagination, new ideas, innovation)

Our core values start with"Let enjoyment lead".  Fun and joy lead to creativity, and creativity brings out a contagious electric energy. Infuse that energy into a group of like-minded women who are ready to make an impact, level up, and raise the bar - the sky's the limit!


In the RECREATE Action Tank, we are providing a fun, creative environment to focus, learn, build and launch a business.

We are An Action TANk* for women over 40 who:

  • Have a business already they want to accelerate and grow.

  • Are ready to build their own dream, instead of somebody else's.

  • Want to do something different and need a defined roadmap.

  • Are over-qualified for their corporate job and ready for a new challenge.

  • Are entrepreneurs who want to launch their next big thing.

  • Want to collaborate with a powerful, like-minded community.

  • Seek new experiences, adventure, more fun and authenticity.

  • Desire financial independence and abundance.

  • Want to make an impact and leave a legacy.

*We do more than think, we take action!

Your Membership Includes:

  • A six month membership to an exclusive network of like-minded women.

  • Three live workshops with premier guest speakers, experts and celebrities.

  • Access to the best tools, methods and programs to support your business.

  • Creation Pods, a select group of ideal partners who will hold you accountable.

  • Unique events and fun performances that spark creativity and innovation.

  • An opportunity to pitch your business to a panel of VCs and potential partners.

  • Individual and group business mentorship.

  • Incentives to take action on your Live it Now List.

  • Access to a specially curated luxury travel experience.

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What our RECREATE Action Tank members are saying...
The RECREATE Action will give you...
  • Focus to tap into your full potential and discover your purpose.

  • A business roadmap to ensure you get into action.

  • Access to a powerful community of women who are movers and shakers.

  • A strategy to generate more revenue and capture market share.

  • Tools and connections to build a step-by-step plan.

  • Access to capital, funding sources, investors and potential partners.

  • A like-minded community committed to creating a better world.

  • More fun, joy and abundance!

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